Outsourced Sales for Emerging Technical and Scientific Products

Virtual Sales Dept

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For more than 10 years Virtual Sales Dept. (VSDC) has helped launch emerging technology companies by making that elusive first sale, and by attracting angel investment and venture capital through the VSDC market validation process.
For early stage technology companies, finding prospects poses the second largest business issue, trailing only the technical challenges of developing a distributable product or application. Potential investors often demand proof that a market exists and that the new technology can gain acceptance.

The VSDC team has a well developed proactive sales based system that can identify potential purchasers and provide valuable market metrics about their propensity to buy. The system, optimized for early stage technology companies, provides an excellent control mechanism to assess the viability of the product in a targeted market. Once the market and product suitability are proven, the system can be extended to bring your product through the Beta testing stage while actually generating revenue.

Virtual Sales Dept
a DBA of:
Ken Welch, Virtual VP of Sales