Virtual Dealer Services

    More Sales and Gross Through Technology
    • Web Marketing Strategies
    • F&I Training
    • Cyber Forensics

    Cover Your Short Term Business Office (F&I) Staffing
    Virtual F&I Officers
          Days Off, Vacations, Tent Events, Interim Replacement
         Affordable Contract Basis
         Utilize Existing Dealership Systems and Dealership Approved Products
         Professional Services Liability Coverage
         Menu Closing System - 300%

    Sell More Units!
          Add 2.1 Units per Month
    Virtual F&I Office
    Access to Prime, Sub-Prime and Leasing Sources
        Leasing Sales and Compliance
    A Professional F&I Office Without the Salary
    Fax your deal to us and we work it for you
    You get paid by the lender

    Avoid Fines and Penalties 
    Virtual Compliance Officers
    Author of RUSAFE System for Red Flag, Safeguards, Privacy Act
    Reg M
    Conduct Spot Audits While Serving as Virtual F&I Officer

    Virtual Dealer Services
    An LK4 Technology Corp Professional Service
    Box 1781
    Champaign, IL 61824-1781

    • Principal is a 10 Year Veteran of Auto Dealerships from top producing salesperson to GM
    • Skilled in pro-active sales, prospecting, and “hunter” techniques, he concentrates on increasing the numbers of prospects in the sales pipeline.
    • Personally has made as many as 7,000 cold calls annually to accomplish his goals.
    • A Top Sales Producer in several distinct markets has received numerous awards for high quality sales volumes in the local, regional, and national arenas.
    • Once recognized as the largest sales producer in the world for a major Fortune 500 company.
    • Routinely exceeded annual sales quotas of $1,000,000 (One million dollars) or more
    • Top sales year, $25,000,000 (Twenty Five Million dollars)
    • A graduate of the University of Illinois he takes advantage of technological advances to solicit large groups of prospects in wide-spread geographical regions.
    • In recent years he has incorporated mentoring and sales team training in his activities. Several of those who have benefited from collaborating with him have become top producing sales people in their own right.